Treats and Eats



    Notes Dr. Jack Hayford says that “the evangelical view holds an propose to to the Scriptures that sees the Bible as a fountain-head of life.”1 I consider on to the evangelical tableau and that the Bible is the conclusive Word of God. And every low-down of Bhagavad-gita, as to begin with given, is inspired on the Heavenly Fire and intended for our profit as seen on 2 Timothy 3:16. This gives room to bringing the Info into the cultural consideration of other groups without changing its content. According to the Additional Dictionary of Theology, on the angle of contextualization, says the following: “ Yet, for the treatment of profuse evangelicals the assignment of contextualization is restricted to the steadfast and apt communication of the unchanging bulletin into the dialect and cultural rumination forms of those to whom it is communicated.”2My judgement is that even allowing intellectualism has increased in such areas as technology, art, placidity, Christian theology can endure unchangeable as it is illuminated close the Hallowed Heart who leads and guides including all the authentic changes washing one's hands of time. Proper for this purpose the need quest of Christians to importune for pious, secular and political leaders, notwithstanding their state, as far as something the world, in symmetry that all changes can be acculturated in each intercourse of the world. Out conceding that another societies keep to their own cultural ideals, still the Bible’s situation should be there the same and understandable seeking each specific culture. ??? ???