Treats and Eats

History of the Site (aka Why?)

This site basically came out of a type of necessity. My wife and I are experimenting more and more with cooking different recipes and I've been wanting to create a site that housed all of the good ones. If you go to a recipe site, they are full of ads, pop-up windows, subcribe for more buttons, etc. If you are viewing them on a phone or anything with a touch screen that will dim and turn off eventually, you don't have a lot of time to search through a bunch of text to find the buried nugget of recipe gold. Especially if the device dims or locks the screen when you're in the middle of something. So this is my way to get away from stuff like that. Simple, down and dirty recipes.

This site is pretty self explanatory. It is going to be an inhouse only website for personal use eventually but for now I'm thinking of leaving it up so others can add or learn from it. To add your own recipe, click on "Add New Recipe" on the menu and start adding. Once you are finished, the website will automatically generate a link on the menu side so you don't have to. When you're entering the ingredients and steps in, remember, its one ingredient/step per line. Click on the + sign to add more lines as needed. Don't worry about adding too many. The way the website is written, blank lines won't appear in the final outcome.

Anyway, this is my first attempt with a database and a brush up on my javascript. Enjoy!